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Torch Retriever Training

Freedom To Run

At Torch Retriever Training, we believe that proper training should not require you to send your pup away for months at a time. We focus on obedience.   Our goal is to give your dog  the tools and knowledge to make your life stress free and make your dog a reliable retriever. A fully trained dog is a lot of fun for your entire family. If you want to hunt, compete in hunt tests or just be able to go for a walk with the best-behaved dog in the park, we can help you accomplish your goals. 


Once trained, your pup will be amazing. It makes it easy  to exercise your dog. With proper skills they can do 200+ yard retrieves and will automatically come back to you every time. Our training sessions will give your pup the skills they need to become an accomplished retriever. 


We are committed to supplying the highest quality dog training services that will help you and your pup reach maximum potential. Our goal is to help you develop a strong bond with your dog and to build trust between the two of you. With our method, you will enjoy a well-behaved and polite dog.

Dog Training, daycare and boarding


$65 per day, includes 2+ training sessions


$85 per day and overnight, includes 2+ training sessions


$65/45 minute Private Lesson

10 acres within city limits


Day Training

Why put your dog in daycare?  Send him to school for serious training at the same time so he comes back better each day.


Obedience & Manners Training

It all starts here with a focus on complete obedience.You end up with a polite, healthy and happy dog you can be proud to show your friends.


Board and Train

If you are travelling we will keep your dog safe and happy and over time the training adds up.  Join us for a training session  to strengthen your skills and confidence. You will see the change in your pet from the get-go. Simply put, our training works!



Puppies are a lot of work. It is nice if they get proper training from the start.  It leads to a lifetime of fun learning and skills,  We can get them ready for real training at a nominal cost.


Our Story

We are passionate about training dogs.  I started 20 years ago with my first black lab, Fudge.  3 years ago, I acquired a Golden Retriever, and my son named him Torture, "Torch".  He explained to me that it is torture to not have a dog.  I slowly dedicated myself to become a more knowledgeable and efficient trainer and my business has quickly expanded.  There is a demand for quality training at a reasonable cost.  Most of my clients evolve to long term and become good friends.

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Rachel K.

Our golden retriever, Eli, has been in Al’s caring and capable hands since he was about 1 year. He was a handful and we needed help. Al has been working hard with Eli for over a year and the transformation has been incredible. There is rarely a time when we are out with Eli that we do not get a compliment about how well trained and under control he is. He is energetic and obsessed with retrieving and Al has been able to harness that energy and obsession to train him for his Junior Hunter title, which he plans to test for this summer. We are so happy and grateful for what Al has been able to accomplish with Eli, who is now a wonderful and very loved family pet.


Graham Young

Al has been taking care of and training our precious golden retriever Billie, since we took her on at 8 weeks back in December of 2022. Al has done an incredible job forming a polite, obedient and happy dog. While in his care Billie continues to learn a ton, is constantly exposed to a variety of new situations, receives a wonderful amount of fresh air and exercise within and outside of the City and is always really well cared for and safe. After a day with Al, Billie is exhausted, happy and entirely content!  Al is also very generous about providing his expert advice in relation to dog training, health and development. I have absolutely no hesitation in referring Al to all dog owners and would be happy to serve as a reference.

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